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Meeting design goals when undertaking a remodeling project takes vision and the best materials the world of design has to offer.

Getting inspired

It's an amazing journey to begin a home building project or renovation. You've spent quite some time looking at Pinterest, magazines and you've stored your images or even made a moodboard. You know what you want and are ready to get it done.

There are quite a few steps to get there. Unless you are the DIY type, then hiring a team of professionals is essential. From the sketch phase to building on-site it takes alot of preparation and know-how. Whether you're redoing one room or an entire home. You want to make sure this whole thing is thought through and executed with precision.

Material selection will direct you towards a particular style, not necessarily the other way around. Let your senses and preferences guide you. It's always fun !

Think about the imprint you leave on the environment and select eco-friendly materials as much as possible. You will do your part and at the same time will discover fantastic products. For instance bamboo wood vinyl is making it's way into our homes this year. Commonly used in China and Japan it connects people to the environment in a unique way.

Let's start from the bottom up.

There are key decor basics you cannot miss in an interior like the floor, walls and ceiling.

The floor is a major element. It covers alot of surface. Since you will be walking on it, you want something spectacular when the work is done. The floor supports everything you may add to it. It's a huge puzzle that when put together really defines a room. It can elevate a space with displays of furniture and objects.

This bedroom was styled using raw materials like concrete and wood.

With the two other elements the pressure is just as intense to impress. The walls and ceiling are areas where windows and decor items are integrated like lighting fixtures, artwork and various details.

Decor ideas

The many applications of a product is the trick here. If you're installing hardwood on a floor you can play with the direction of the pattern. Have it installed in any direction you want.

Granite has a solid reputation for outdoor kitchens. When sealed and maintained, it can handle heat well. Some surfaces are more durable like the ones that are less veined. Dark stones absorb heat so it may be hot to the touch. So opt for a light color.
Herringbone is a classic. Always fascinating because of it's complexity and increases the appeal factor in any space.

Getting your renovation done right should be up there on your wishlist. Making sure you communicate well your ideas from an early stage with the professionals will ensure you move on smoothly throughout the project.

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