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Bathroom in Mile End

A few changes to gain more space

In this project, the family wanted to change styles and apply a neutral color scheme.

The bathroom had a few layout issues. The vanity was too large for their needs and there was too little storage. The space was no longer appealing because of normal wear.

We developed a concept to transition well with the rest of the condo layout. The color chrome is dominant in the material selection on walls and floor. Metal combined with wood elements were part already of the contemporary look in the condo. All selections will be bought locally.

A new division will create storage, built-in units will give a sense of height and and will be the project's highlight.

The major part of the renovations have to be completed before the Christmas holidays, therefore scheduling labor and material will be challenging.

Mile-End is a go-to area for it's artistry hub and multicultural roots. With shops, restaurants and popular hotspots like Fairmount Bagels. Easily explored on foot. While in daytime, Greek eateries mix with Italian cafes, brewpubs and music venues turn the neighborhood into a vibrant night scene.

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