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Kitchen in Lasalle

Renovate a kitchen in an apartment

A real estate agent was planning to renovate and rent out an apartment. Our mandate was to design a kitchen within a set budget.

The old layout was outdated and needed to be upgraded. At first we considered refacing, a technique where the existing doors are removed. Then new doors are installed with new hardware while keeping the cabinet box. However the issue was not resolved.

It was still lacking storage and needed a minimum of reconfiguration.

We added floor to ceiling cabinets in two-tone and covered the hood section with a contrasting material, wood paneling. A light color for the countertop and backsplash. The client asked for a Moroccan blue theme or grey and the changes made accordingly gave a whole new look to the space.

This urban kitchen meets certain standards with the opening for a microwave in the island, ceiling lighting, lots of countertop space and wood shelving.

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