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Updated: Aug 20, 2022

This season plan your project well. From the formation of an idea to the building phase. There are ways to get there.

Welcome to Spring ! A time of renewal and a fresh start. You've been indoors for so long and just realized you need to make a few changes. A seed has been planted.

“Decoration or renovation, yes there's a difference. Once you know this, make a budget and get quotes.”

For a renovation project you need to plan ahead, a few months. So be sure you're ready. You'll most likely be working with a team to make it happen. For a decor project you need a theme and a shopping list.

The project

It's so exciting when you get that idea or find what can improve the flow of your home. This is the main purpose, to be able to see a difference and add value to your home.

Make sure the changes add value to your home. This way you'll make wise choices like when choosing professionals and shopping for materials.

Every year, it's a ritual for some people. After long hours of looking at decor magazines and TV shows, you may feel you're ready for a change. For some people it's an item here and there at the beginning of every season, for others it's major work that require construction expertise.

Get quotes, start there. The most important thing next to the results you get is the cost. Consider making a list of things you want to get done with a professional (#remodeling #decor #inspiration).

A designer can assist to brainstorm decor ideas, assess your style and preferences, draw your project to visualize, select materials and refer you to a general contractor that will do the work. It's a major step before getting the job done by a contractor. They are also there to confirm calculations, measurements and project information during the work on-site.

Realistic objectives

For residential renovations, cost, duration and results are critical factors. This is how the professionals set themselves apart from others and determine project success. It's also how clients can know which project to take on with them. There's a variety of renovations inside and outside a home.

It's a season of blossoming ideas and projects.

Knock on wood you may see them fulfill !

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