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Updated: Aug 19, 2022

Few other renovations get more complex than tackling your kitchen project.

History is in the making while you're cooking folks ! There's a recipe for your kitchen renovation project. Create a space that captures your lifestyle. You can always make adjustments as your needs continue to change. Remember the essence of a kitchen, it's an area where you prepare meals. So the one thing to make sure, is to work on your project while keeping this in mind.

Kitchen styles

Maybe you've seen the different types of kitchen out there. They are suggested layouts that serve as general design rules, for practicality. In them you'll locate elements like base and top cabinets, appliances, plumbing and lighting.

As for style, you need to look at each of these elements and find the items you prefer in catalogues, online and in showrooms.

Your objectives

The kitchen is a place where the family converges to eat. This experience is pleasant because it's a place of exchange and sharing. For sure, you always want it to feel welcoming and appealing. So the main objective when people redo their kitchen is to modernize it. You can do a partial or complete remodeling. A partial project includes the floor, backsplash, etc. It's taking apart a piece of the kitchen to renovate it. A complete remodeling is when you gut it and leave nothing there. Some people may however, want to keep existing personal items like appliances, lighting fixtures and collectibles. But that's only because they were taken into consideration in the new kitchen design. Communicate your needs during the design consultation and talk with various experts that will answer questions, so your needs are met.

A minimalist kitchen that offers lots of storage, is having the best of both worlds.

Cabinet selection

A chef once said 'Good food and a warm kitchen are what makes a house a home.' Very few people want a cold atmosphere in a room meant for people to congregate. The challenge is to keep it feeling warm and homey. What it takes to get there is always subjective to individual style preferences and taste.

So accessorize your kitchen by filling the space with things you love. Like a pendant light, an accentuating area rug, a mobile island, a family photo collection, a new window treatment, chic cabinet knobs, pottery, flower vases or indoor plants.

There are basic kitchen layouts and trending styles. So check them out in a showroom. Set objectives for your project. Doing so will guide you into selecting a good layout for your needs and direct you toward a preference style. What you want to achieve determines the budget.


People wanting more space in their kitchen is the top objective. Kitchen appliances play a major role and is up there in people's wish list. Common appliances people change during a kitchen renovation are the fridge, the oven and the dishwasher. The look of the moment is to modernize with appliances that use the latest technology.

Top kitchen renovation objectives :

  • Increase cabinet storage

  • Have a better circulation flow

  • More countertop space

  • Modernize to add value to a home and upgrade the look

  • Change appliances (including hood, hardware, etc.)

  • Partial renovations to change floor, plumbing, add lighting, modify electrical outlets, etc.


If you're going to renovate, then start with the floor. You'll get the best results if you remove it first. Or else the floor installer will have to work around the base cabinets meticulously and will charge a hefty price for it. So once you remove the base cabinets the floor will be uneven, there will be spots without any material and because of this you will have to redo it anyway.

The kitchen floor is the foundation that supports everything. Building is done from the ground up.

Light wood planks blend with the brown cabinet color scheme.


A great kitchen feature that can really dramatically change the overall look is the backsplash.

Tiles will give you the wow effect you so want. With all the colors, sizes and patterns you'll find a match for your project. New collections are launched every year, it is a overflowing sea of suggestions. In general tiles cover an area that can range from 25 - 100 feet. Depending on your objectives you want to fully maximize the potential to make a mark with the material you choose.

Check out mirror effects tiles made of glass or metal, natural stones, porcelain, etc.

Quartz slabs are all the rage right now for a look that's modern and luxurious. It adds so much character to a kitchen ! When this style came into effect in the modern design industry it was an ah-ha moment. You can have the same pattern and use it on an island, all countertop surfaces and backsplash for a homogenous look or change it up. And that's the idea !

Marble will also give your guests something to talk about. The veins are what make this stone unique. This one is recommended for walls where's there's lower traffic and humidity.

Geometric shapes add perspective by drawing the eye to the area.

Renovation experts

Who you hire depends on what kind of work you're getting done. You can do a complete renovation or do it in phases.

For a kitchen project you need to set objectives and a budget. Your hard work will pay off. Get family members in the household involved. When it comes to selecting material and harmonizing all elements together an interior designer with a trained eye will draw a sketch and can connect you to the suppliers where you can get the material. You may purchase your own material through different suppliers.

Consulting with experts is priceless. Some work, like installing wallpaper and window treatment are considered separate services. You need qualified professionals for certain types of work like electrical and plumbing. Other services you may need are painting and carpentry. Usually a general contractor provides all of them.

But they will inform you on costs related to rough material and preparation work required in order to install new material.

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