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The work behind placing objects when selling a home is a determining factor. It increases exponentially your resale value on the market.

Do you want to sell a home, or you want to sell a home quickly and with a substancial profit margin ? The business of home staging is an asset to your home that will assist you in this journey. It does so by putting an emphasis on visual attractions in the home. That way visitors can spot some of the best elements and this it what makes the decison process much quicker.

Elements that interior professionals work with are for instance lighting, paint, window treatments, ornamental plants, floral arrangements, fabrics and accessories. Depending on the style direction, they will guide home owners to work with existing elements and will make recommendations to enhance the overall style, so make sure you budget for it. You will discuss with them about price targets, design trends and sales objectives.

Interior design elements are artwork, furniture, applicances, etc. and in the construction of a home there are built materials like hardwood floors, walls and staircases as well as architectural features such as a fireplace, arches, etc.

Decor items like vases and throw pillows add style to a space.

A popular trend we're still seeing is the open floor concept. On that one alot of people agree. It's an instant reaction that echoes in every design style. If you're not familiar with it, it's been there since the 70's and it's when there are no visual obstructions in a room. Interior walls are not planned in a space and in the floor plan for a new construction or they are taken down in an existing one. And in this case it entails major renovations. With an open floor plan, there's no hiding, whether you’re in the living room, kitchen, or dining room, everyone knows what everyone else is doing.

“Identifying points of interest to highlight and focus on will grab the public's attention and keep visits interesting.”

This trend is increasingly in demand despite pandemic adjustments that now require homes to have private spaces. So you may want to consider this type of renovation for two reasons only. If you absolutely want to modernize and if your home is already due for renovations to meet city laws, building codes and regulations. It could be a worthwile investment.

Architectural style

The style that resonates the most in the real estate market is a modern home. Bungalows, tradtional and art deco, may be a preference to history buffs but tend to leave a majority of buyers unimpressed. See the most popular Canadian home styles.

Cities convert public buildings like theatres and heritage properties into residential use. But they are vintage and the cost of maintaining them is too great. You'll wander into Ikea or Lowe's and will not find any custom replacements.

A modern look is an architectural style that has the most appeal to buyers.

Other than a modern style you will also need a mountain view, two-car garages and a white picket fence. Just kidding ! Home sweet home to a buyer is like beauty that's in the eye of the beholder. Whether you're home staging for an apartment or residential home, you can't predict a buyer's taste.

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