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Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Choosing stainless steel appliances and ceran surfaces means you will need top cleaning products. There are basic maintenance directives to follow. It can be simple if you use the right formulas.

You can definitely get the task done. We know each year the market produces some of the best brands to use and to reduce cleaning time.

“Some people prefer homemade recipes and DIY when it comes to cleaning. There are eco-friendly approaches to clean stainless steel. ”

Use soap and water for everyday spills. But it is highly recommended to invest on products specially formulated. The active ingredients cut the grease and polish the finish. So you can save your dishwashing soap.

Miele gets it done

You're looking for a way to clean all your stainless steel appliances ? There is a good product out there that does it. Miele has built a solid reputation manufacturing high-end appliances. The formula dissolves the residues and removes dust. (#stainless #ceramic #glass)

Generally used by Miele owners, the cleaning product line can also be used for any brand.

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