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Our team remodels homes using the latest trends in design and construction. Our agency works with clients in Montreal and the surrounding areas.

With over a decade of experience, with the support of suppliers and collaborators, some locally and abroad – Outside The Box Designs seeks to build a strong team of professionals.


Our agency is all about making design statements that bring comfort everywhere.

We explore a broad range of styles with our clients. Design is the art of specifications, while construction is building a project.

We do both.

Residential and commercial supervision

Building is an activity that is at the core of any developing society and history. The knowledge I gained throughout my career is something I am proud of. I built entire boroughs in the west island of Montreal. I master the art of living well. I develop concepts with thoughtful consideration and insight in construction.

- Ernie

Residential design

I've worked in various fields in my career. Design is like a crossroad where urban planning, architecture and engineering can meet. Planning spaces is such a fabulous world of ideas, colors and shapes. The projects all have limitless potential that should leave an imprint on the people they are intended for.

- Kat

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