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Styling a room with custom lighting

This instant mood-setting trend is so much fun ! This indoor and outdoor decorative element is versatile and a good way to express yourself.

Using words to create ambiance

You know neon lights from seeing them as signs or billboards adorning buildings in major cities. The most common way to use neon lights or LED neon lights, is to use them to spell out certain words and create a specific mood.

For instance, the sign in the photo below creates a comfortable feel in this living room with two hands almost touching. Here are some ideas of words or inspiration quotes : the best is yet to come, imagine, hello beautiful, eat well be well, etc. The effect is incomparable, it draws the eye immediately. It can evoke the most complex emotions, like the ones you experience when you're surprised, felling loved and happy.

“Use this type of light to illuminate a room or create accents on artwork, furniture or objects.

They only take a few minutes to hang. Some people like to play with words, while others add the lyrics of their favorite song.

Neon versus LED neon

LED neon lights are more energy efficient than traditional neon lights. Because they run on a lower voltage, they cost around 20% less. So when choosing for indoor or outdoor displays, go for a LED neon hands down. You will notice this benefit if you go for larger signs.

Neons do not change color. Many people prefer the soft glow of neons to LED neons that can dim, flash and change color. Neons come in red or orange-red, blue, lavender, orange, yellow, green, blue, grey and purple.

These lights are designed to run between 5 and 10 years. Neon is made up of inert gas. Neon LED uses acrylic, not glass and no gas. Both are incapable of reacting with other elements or chemicals, so they pose no threat when you hang them on walls as directed by instructions.

Neons tend to run from 10$ depending on the size and complexity of the design. For best results, use them on a vertical surface at eye level. Make sure you consider the assistance of an electrician to avoid electrocution.

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