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Decorating according to your style and preferences can create a home. Comfort however, is having different elements coming together to elevate a space.

The way you decorate a space is a good indicator of your current mood. It's a place where you connect with people and go about personal activities. Let's explore some of the elements that can make you feel at home.

Your style and preferences

A great thing about decor is that it evolves with times and trends.

With so many styles out there, it's a challenge to get the look just right, even if you replicate it with a picture taken from a magazine or online. You can start exploring the most popular decor styles and check out stores. Some article feature looks and tell you how to get it for less.

Color coordination

Choosing colors for any room can be overwhelming. Going into Benjamin Moore for instance, you'll find more than 3500 colors, shades and nuances for all your interior and exterior projects.

So where do you start ? Well, walk into the room and think about what the way you want to feel as you enter it. Go for light colors if you want to relax after a long and stressful day, they cut out visual stimulation and promote calm and balance. Dark colors are most likely to appeal to your emotions.

Warm and cool spaces

Choosing colors for a room can be exhausting. Generally reds, oranges and yellows encourage socializing. Greens, purples and blues create calming, tranquil and relaxing spaces.

Choosing to go light or dark is similar to going to the hair salon, literally. After that, get tester jars to get a preview of the color before painting the room. In the room, apply paint to only a section of the wall about a 1 foot wide and 1 foot high, in a shape of a square. If you have more colors you need to try, paint more squares. After a few days, it will be easier to make your selection. (#benjaminmoore #colorsamples)

Your project may be a bathroom, kitchen cabinets, a basement, an entire house, an entrance door, a deck, a garage or a bedroom. Choose a line of product and check the specifications for indoor or outdoor. A budget for an indoor painting project will probably include the ceiling, walls, trims and baseboards.


Once you've decided on a color scheme, something else that brings comfort and affects the mood in any space is lighting. There's natural daylight that will have you see colors for the way they really are. You can replicate this one by getting a 3500k led bulb. For a cozy atmosphere go with a 2700-3000k bulb. For a cool and sharp look, choose a 6000k light setting that amplify colors.


Do you have a style in mind ? Start adding pieces of furniture, artwork, anything that's mobile and that you can easily remove if you don't like it or later change your mind.

If you're ready for change a decor change that requires major renovations it's recommended to hire a design-build expert. There’s a stunning layout for everyone. The team of experts can manage the project by selecting materials, meeting objectives, planning, budgeting and more.

Smart home

Switching to smart devices is a great way to increase the security and technology appeal of any dwelling. At home a remote control is used for lighting, audio, garage door, camera surveillance, etc. While away from home, this allows you to control all the electronic systems using an application on your phone.

This technology brings comfort to your home with unique features that are energy-saving and set the mood. (#hightech #electronic #gadgets).

Design and building

Professionals design the interior and exterior of a home to increase your comfort level. Brainstorming with you the best layout, presenting you the latest trends and selecting products with the right specifications.

They can assist you to tell your story with a residential, commercial, industrial or institutional space. So you emotionally connect to it and create a visual experience for yourself and visitors. Home is where we spend alot of time. What you place in it should let you take ownership of the space and be a haven where you create positive memories.

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