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Updated: Aug 7, 2022

At Christmas, the color pine green is trending and there's a fabulous choice of items in decor stores to enhance the look of any space.

Let the countdown begin

It's the most wonderful time of the year ! And it's always exciting to get into the spirit and get ready for the holidays. There are must-haves this season to get the look just right.

Let's begin our top 12 list :

1. Electric fireplace

Number one the wishlist this year because it adds value to a home all year-long. It can heat up a room by setting a cozy atmosphere.

Captivate the senses with home fragrances.

2. Decorate with seasonal flowers or scents

The fragrances recommended at this time of the year are anything that remind you of pine trees, cranberries, marshmallows, sugar, sweet candy, baked cookies, champagne and cedarwood. Some people get nauseous when it reeks of perfume so be mindful of this with home fragrances and diffusers.

3. Don't forget the guestroom

In a home this room is often the last one on your mind. It's a spare room but you can still bring it to life with a little decor.

Season your holiday by selecting the right tree.

4. Theme-based Christmas tree

At your local harware or decor store you will find there's lots of variety this year. When it comes to decorating trees there's the rustic, gold-plated, polar white and santa red. Look for decor pieces to put together the look you want. A pine tree can come in all colors like green, white, pink and even purple.

5. Animal prints

Fury friends always make the nice list every year. Foxes, bears, deers and highland cows are wild animal that bring nature indoors. See them in decor items like kitchen cloths, wall posters, throw pillows and mugs.

Bright red, shimmery gold with neutrals in this decor.

6. Kitchenware

Every year, stores never cease to surprise us with assortments we haven't seen before. It's great because it lets us create charming decors for the kitchen. At formal dinners, platting is so important and you want to Wow your guests. From plates with matching paper napkins, champagne flutes or candles, get what you need for the occasion.

7. Mats

Place them at the entrance of your home to get an instant reaction from your visitors. A carpet will put your guests in a festive mood from the start. Welcoming and practical at the same time, they will boost the appeal of your front porch.

Bold-colored pillows green, red and copper.

8. Bold-colored pillows

Pillows make a room become so comfortable and warm. So much that you and your guests may want to stick around all night. Sound's ok with you ? Bold colors are always fun, fancy and exude daring artistry. It sets the mood in a room and liberates the imagination.

9. Vacation theme decor

With the pandemic still disrupting our daily lives, people are starting to convert areas in their homes to some sort of indoor oasis. Raw materials like wood, bamboo and anything green or bright when it comes to decor. The furniture is upholstered with comfortable fabrics giving it a beach house look. There's also the plants with large palm tree-like leaves. If you don't mind renovating, you can find a contractor to add an extension to your home. It will give you more living space where you decide the style and layout.

Christmas is for kids from 1 to 92.

10. Miniature christmas tree

Some people prefer to skip the big displays and opt for a decor on a smaller scale and budget. It can turn out to have the same Wow effect ! It's a time-saver when decorating and it's also eco-friendly.

11. Window treatment

Fabrics can change the way you feel in a room. It may seem like a drastic move, but remember you can use them to cover the windows again next year. Golden or silver bows with any colored shade are the best arrangements.

An indoor soft light set can accentuate any Christmas decor.

12. Colored LED lighting

If you're a fan of Christmas outdoor lights, you're probably already using them indoors as well. A very bright idea for the holiday season ! Commonly used on trees and ornaments, there's many ways to put them to good use.

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