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Ever heard of cocooning ? Get cozy and comfortable indoors because that's what it's all about.

We're all stuck at home for a while because of the pandemic. Many people are using this time to carry out renovating projects or to move. But there are also those who will invest in decorating to enhance their living space.

“Cocooning is one way to get through the few days ahead. The concept is simple, stay inside and enjoy it.”

The decorating solutions are at your fingertips. The ever present online world makes it convenient to consult with professionals, order material and learn to DIY.

Choosing a theme that works for every season

The main goal is to find a point in common. Where do you spend most of your time ? Where do most of your expenses go ? Consider the space and focus on change. You can add or remove objects, furniture, illustrations and colour on the wall, plants, cushion covers, rugs or electric appliances. You want to get the most out of them. Make sure you can use them all year long.

The best part is the beneficial psychological effect. (#cocooning #home #decor) So it's essential to change scenery. It will also give you the extra boost and motivation you need to pull through the remaining time left in this pandemic.

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