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Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Getting a home office was the most talked about decor topic during the pandemic.

Working from home became a thing ! A new normal that had us rearrange our lives and spaces to comply with the rules of confinement.

Many were fortunate enough to already have an at-home office. However there were many who struggled to adapt to the notion of staying indoors, behind four walls and sit at a desk.

Keep calm and carry on

May this year marked the end of the pandemic for many cities around the world and since then we're moving on. The world is giving us a second chance at life and we're back ! Back to work, catching up with Netflix, planning projects, traveling, entertaining guests, doing outdoor activities, having leisure time, playing sports, etc. We're all doing our thing to keep going.

Before this, companies were open spaces where people flowed through freely. When social distancing came into effect, 5 feet apart became a new way of living everywhere. Before we went home after a day's work to disconnect. Suddenly it was a daily challenge to be both productive, while maintaining peace and tranquility.

Social distancing at work

Companies adapted rather quickly designing layouts and rethinking space use. Designers had the challenge to reorganize offices for what at the time, were temporary hygiene measures Never before did we have to design in this type of context. The office is a location where you meet people and come together. The pandemic added a little twist to this and heightened our awareness of this.

Working while standing-up or sitting down with adjustable desk heights.


Comfort is the priority. If you're sitting for long hours at a time for work, then get a good chair.

Look at how you move around the space. Watch for repetitive actions, making things accessible and easy to reach. Castors for mobility are not a necessity but they're practical.

Sunpan is a brand you absolutely have to consider. They know how to make a chair both look stylish and comfortable. Specialized in luxury home furnishings, they hold in their inventory the latest in European trends. Our picks below, desk chairs.

Modern and retro inspired office chairs that will go with any urban home office. A veneer wood exterior, onyx or snow faux leather seating, finished with a polished steel frame and legs with castors.

Staying active

An interesting thing about post-pandemic behaviours is, we all made resolutions, as if it were starting a new year. Going to the gym, remains the #1 resolution to control gain weight. Therefore, integrating fitness equipment in the office is trending. Peloton sales sore through the roof during the pandemic. But they can take up alot of space. So you'll want to bring in machines that can retract and fold easily like steps and don't get in the way like fixed bars and just a few dumbbells. The idea is to have in the office a place where you can use your fitness equipment without it becoming a home-gym.


A thing we wish we could change about the pandemic, is the negative impact on relationships from keeping our distances. It completely screwed up our collective conscious and social patterns. Overall the experience left us feeling annoyed and anxious about getting back to reality.

Decor tricks that can uplift your mood do exist. It's all about getting the right stimulus mentally and emotionally. Create an environment that sends off good vibes by adding items from natural elements, air, fire, water and earth. Both water and earth can be represented by having an interior plant. A fish tank brings balance like in the art of Feng Shui.

An office with a view is ideal and honestly, shouldn't be a luxury. Don't compromise on this, setup where you get natural lighting.

A good size office is when you have enough space to move freely and where you can bring your mind to concentrate. Ideally it's a room where you can fit office furniture and additional items like rugs, artwork and a few more comfortable chairs. If you're able to hold meetings there, even better.

A light green room promotes cheerfulness and rejuvenation. Good mind flow and performance is in shades of blue. While bright colors like orange encourage creativity. Dark colors are for a modern and sophisticated look.

Texture are washable rugs, fabrics, interior plants, window treatment and office furniture.

Accessories are artwork, bookshelves and cushions.

In the corporate world, the office is a place of exchange, where people meet. Keep in mind that an at-home office, is actually similar. Depending on the industry sector, technology allows us to experience business on most levels. But all of this cannot replace humans or human interactions.

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