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Updated: Nov 16, 2021

The benefits of natural lighting is priceless. It's a top priority in any space, residential, commercial or institutional.

Doors and windows

When people purchase, rent or renovate a space it can be a turnoff when they don't have sufficient interaction with the outdoors to get fresh air and lighting. Whether you live in the city or suburbs you can find a variety of interiors that will match your personal criterias and preferences. Not everyone likes airy, bright rooms but no one wants to be in dark, dungy looking spaces.

The cost of a space spikes up when you factor in windows. This for instance is the case for commercial offices. Getting the right ratio of light for the size of the office is a tough challenge. With residential buildings, sometimes the original space does not allow for any modifications like with century old houses where there's way too many building codes to look into. However you can upgrade your doors and windows, bring them to standards and dramatically increase the value of your space.

You can improve your comfort level, use better energy-saving solutions, get the latest technological trends and custom products for any project. Regardless of your location in the world, you always need to look for the perfect blend of properties like sound insulation, heat loss index, air and watertightness. Opening angles, shape and hinges are also important features.

Wood partitions play the double role of letting a degree of light in with distinct style

Decor inspiration

In modern decor and construction, windows and doors are ground-breaking elements. They are entry points and serve essential purposes. You can can get panaromic views with large units, shapes like arches to add character and other custom layouts. A window is said by suppliers to be the entrway to a home's soul.

Granite has a solid reputation for outdoor kitchens. When sealed and maintained, it can handle heat well. Some surfaces are more durable like the ones that are less veined. Dark stones absorb heat so it may be hot to the touch. So opt for a light color.
The thin frame of this patio door brightens this living room and leaves a visible wall area at the top

Determine the location of the door or window. If it's a basement or the back of a home, you need a product with high insulating properties and is low-maintenance. For instance in a bedroom or bathroom you may want a design that's modern, a mechanism that is safe to use and discreet ventilation. For a patio or a front entrance you want a product that adapts to all weather changes, that let's the breeze in and is aesthetically appealing.

Shopping for doors and windows is like booking a hotel and asking for a room with a view please. You gotta have it ! When you decide to change your windows it's a renovation move that changes the architectural heritage of the building. The expected lifetime is about 25 years, so it's worth it.

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