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Updated: Feb 7, 2022

What first comes to mind is cozy and keeping warm. People spend about 90% of their time indoors during this time. Make it count with trendy decor ideas.

Changing seasons

As the seasons change, we also change the look of our home. For some people it's a ritual, the best therapy ! It's a way to personalize a space and care for it. Ultimately we all want a space that's inviting and stylish.

Japandi decor

With this style wood and stone are used throughout the home.

Here's a winter trend that's a favorite because you can apply the decor to every room in a home, it's versatile like that. It's a mix of Japanese and Scandinavian styles that bring the outdoors inside for an overall modern and zen look.

Those interiors give off a calming, outdoor feel. Art, nature and simplicity defines this style. Sliding doors are installed for a seamless transition that lets that much needed natural light in. There's the use of pale colors that reflect the light and stimulate the senses.

The furniture sits low to the ground. Then there's the outdoor elements like fountains, rock gardens, bonsai, ferns and bamboo that create a peaceful environment.

Hello winter !

There are sure ways to increase the comfort in your home this winter. Playing with texture for instance like adding cushions, throws, fluffy blankets, comforters, carpets and rugs. These popular items can also be found in the aisle of your local store making them go-to decor items at this time of the year.

Adding a punch of color in a room will chase away any winter blues. It's also recommended to lively up your space with decor items or accessories. Colors can bring equilibrium to create an environment that's neither warm or cold. It's safe to play with all colors in the color wheel. Choose wisely and enjoy the psychological benefits.

This living room was styled using raw materials like wood and a punch of color for a Scandinavian look.

The MBTI (Myers–Briggs Type Indicator) can determine your personal decor preferences. This can come in handy this winter while, were all cooped up inside. Here are the most stricking character traits :

ENFP is carefree INFP is the daydreamer ENTP lives an exciting life INTP is technology oriented

ESFJ likes to live according to the norms ISFJ likes a welcoming home ESTJ is organized

ISTJ is a no-fuss kind of person ENFJ enjoys vintage INFJ is an idealist ESTP prefers retro decor

ISTP makes bold choices in life ESFP is rather chic and glamourous ISFP is adventurous

ENTJ is functional above all else INTJ keeps an open mind

So while on your way to make your space more warm and cozy, the science of choosing a color can be a game changer ! People can apply these principles to assess decor direction and express their personality.

Brown theme decor

In winter we see lots of contrasting colors like black, grey and white. Explore Benjamin Moore's Historical collection inspired by North American modern architecture.

With it's rich and deep palette of burgundy, navy, taupe, violet and brown shades. As you enter the room they tell stories and leave an impression on you. Dark colors are mysterious, intimate and charming.

Granite has a solid reputation for outdoor kitchens. When sealed and maintained, it can handle heat well. Some surfaces are more durable like the ones that are less veined. Dark stones absorb heat so it may be hot to the touch. So opt for a light color.
Green spaces contributre to mindfulness and well-being.

Vegetation theme decor

Plants are natural air purifiers. This winter season, the absorption of sunlight by plants can raise the temperature in cold environments thereby, reducing your energy consumption.

Plants changes the air flow in a room and affect the temperature. They produce heat for optimal thermal comfort and control humidity levels.

Other ways to play with this trend is with paint or wallpaper that imitates vegetation. It can transform your space drastically.

All throughout the year, not just in winter, it's preferable that a space looks bright and airy. For those who don't like plants or green decors however, there are alternatives such as artificial plants that can better match your decor preferences.

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