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Updated: Feb 13, 2023

Top products to have this season

Our selection this year is brought to you from our own collection here at Outside The Box Designs. They're gift ideas, decor suggestions and products that will simulate your senses. In the next lines we'll describe the products in this year's winter collection. But if you want, you can skip this part and head to the shop now.

Introducing the winter decor classics, items that return every year, like scented candles, cushions, lighting elements and rugs. They're popular decor pieces that are known to increase the cozy factor at home.

The seasonal items we're presenting this winter will go with any casual decor style. Some products are sourced locally, from Montreal. If you're planning a renovation this year, we may have something in the shop that will add the final touch to your home improvement project. Other items are gift ideas you can bring to events to wow your guests.

Seasonal decor that brings comfort everywhere

We're launching Interior Decor, an online shop. It's a way to share home decor trends of the moment and products. This season we're presenting winter products. We want our clients to be inspired and find something they've been looking for.

If it's trending we may have it in our online boutique. We offer a variety of products, for every room in a home. In some parts of North America there's four seasons a year that completely change the outdoor scenery. So to get through snow storms, rainy days and hot summers, we like to also change the interior decor. In our online shop, you can browse to find decor products that bring comfort everywhere !

A collection of online products

People want to know what's trending. But there are so many decor styles, products and stores. We'll filter some of the best items and offer them in our seasonal collections throughout the year.

To our customers we thank you for shopping our products and also thank our suppliers, for partnering with us.

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